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After an Accident
Come Visit Us Early

The time to look for a Collision Repair Shop is not when you’ve had an accident. Stop in and see our Hi-Tech State of the Art facility. You will see why we are approved by all major insurance companies.

What to do After an Accident?

First of all, keep calm and don't feel like the Lone Ranger. There are some 24 million auto accidents a year. Each one of them inconvenient for everybody involved, but by taking a few simple steps, you can make sure your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

  1. Keep calm! Now's the time you need a clear head.
  2. Get all the pertinent facts at the time of the accident. Find out the "who, what, when, and where". Make note of the time of day, place of accident, get all names, addresses, auto license numbers and drivers license numbers of involved parties.
  3. Report your accident immediately to your insurance agent or company. They'll tell you what to do next.
  4. Cooperate with your agent and insurance company. You'll find they are as interested as you are in making sure you get treated fairly and that your inconvenience is kept to a minimum.
  5. Choose a body shop you have confidence in for your repair work. Select a shop that will give you quality work at a fair price.

The Collision Repair Process

Unibody's plant is
clean and safe.
The Estimate:   Once the customer arrives they will be asked to complete a short form giving their name, address and information about their vehicle. The estimator will take this sheet and go out to the car to look at the damage. Once the estimate is prepared the customer will be given a completion date and asked to sign authorization for repairs. The estimate will then be submitted to the insurance company for their approval of the repairs to be completed.

Ordering Parts:   The parts manager will order all the parts needed for the repair. Once the parts arrive the vehicle can then be scheduled for repairs. Also at this time arrangements will be made with the car rental company for those customers in need of a rental.

A detail inspection is
performed after disassembly.
Vehicle Disassembly:   At this point the vehicle has arrived and is ready to be disassembled. Once parts have been removed the vehicle is inspected again to see if there was any damage that couldn’t be detected until this time. If upon inspection there is more damage a supplemental report will be necessary for the estimator to complete and send to the insurance company. Once it is approved by the insurance company any additional parts will be ordered and an updated completion date will be given.

All work is inspected and tested.
Structural & Body Repair:   The vehicle will then be placed on Unibody repair equipment. New panels will be prepared and installed. Priming, sealing and corrosion protection is added to the new parts. All work is then inspected and tested. Once it is signed off the vehicle will then head to the paint department.

Special care is given
during the paint process.
Painting:   The vehicle is now ready for painting. First it will be pressure washed and chemically cleaned. Next it is prepped, primed, sanded and sealed. The last stage before entering the paint booth, is taping and masking around the area(s) to be painted to protect the parts of the vehicle that will not need painting. Any dust particles will be removed so as not to interfere with the paint process. The vehicle is now ready to undergo multi-step refinishing using an acrylic urethane paint system.

With repairs complete, the vehicle
is good as new and ready to go!
Reassembly of Vehicle and Readying for Pickup:   The last stage in preparing the vehicle to return to its owner includes reassembling parts that were removed for the painting, realigning the vehicle, taking care of any air conditioning needs, and detailing (which entails pin striping the car with the correct color...etc.) Once these items have been completed the vehicle is inspected and taken for a test drive. After it checks out the owners of the vehicle are notified and a time is set for picking up by the customer.

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